Practice Areas

Our passion is your rights.
Criminal Law


The Constitution protects you from the power of the state.  This firm will protect your rights. You have many rights that you should protect when being questioned by law enforcement and when being prosecuted in a court, we can help you protect those rights.   Our fim will vigorously represent you no matter the charge.  Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants, allegations of a inappropriate sexual conduct, assaults, homocide, and any other type of criminal allegation, we do not judge you, we protect you.  

Family Law


This firm will represent individuals in family law matters.  If you are preparing to leave your spouse, challenge custody of your child or need to modify your existing decree, please call 541-575-5750.


Juvenile Law


If your kids have been taken from you, you need to call an attorney immediately.  There are many initial steps that must be taken to get your kids returned.


If your child has been accused of activiity that would constitute a crime, you should call us immediately.   There are long term implications of an allegation against a child that can impact their entire life.  Call for a free consultation.


Notary Public

We offer State of Oregon notary services.


Other  Legal Matters

Our firm has a background in many areas of the law that we can provide you advise on.  If we cannot, we know who can. Call us with your questions and if we cannot help you, we will assist you in finding the attorney who can.